Lightwave 3D Tutorials

Below you’ll find a list of the Lightwave 3D tutorials that I’ve done to date along with embedded Youtube links so that you can watch them and a short description of what each tutorial series is.

Over time you may find these tutorials being moved out into their own individual pages, but they will always link back to this one.

Rigging Tutorials

Rigging My guns – This tutorial goes over how I do the rigging for my guns in Lightwave.

Rigging Engine Lights so there easier to AnimateĀ 
In this tutorial I show how I set up my engine lights for easy rigging and animation.

Dynamically Parented Point Defence System
A quick look at how to set up a dynamic parent PDS rig for easy animation.



Modelling Tutorials


Modelling the Jovian Chronicles Habitat Module

In this tutorial we look at how I model the Jovian Chronicles Habitat Module for the JSS Alexander

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