The Marcus Rant

Welcome to the Marcus Rant!

The Marcus rant is a Satire based monologue which tends to well Rant a little. It does not aim to be political correct at all and it is aimed at Adults rather than any one else, No topic is off limits either Sex, Drugs, Religion, Music.. Bieber.. you name it, what ever is on the mind the day it’s made it gets ranted about.

New Epsiodes tend to come out every 2 weeks at the current time however that varies based on health issues etc.

The Marcus Rant is created using Facerig and Xsplit Pro.

A full Download of the Episodes will be made every 6 months or so.

Marcus Rant 2015

Episode 1 – BIEBER!

Episode 2 – Dumb Humans light fires.

Episode 3 – Last Marcus Rant of 2015.

Marcus Rant 2016

Episode 1 – These are not Hoverboards

Episode 2 – Australia Day

Episode 3 – Flat Earth? 3000 year old planet? WTF.