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70 Years ago Today

70 years ago today 90,000-166,000 people (the exact number is unknown) died either in the blink of an eye or from the effects of radiation poisoning over the next few years when Little Boy was dropped on the City of Hiroshima Japan by Allied Forces in an attempt to force the Military ruling party of Japan to admit defeat and come to the surrender table, it would take a second bomb dropped in 3 days time to achieve that effect.
Today 70 years ago the world changed forever, the power of the Atom was used in anger by humanity for the first of two times, a nation whom I will not debate the right or wrong of the event for we do not live in those times, was decimated and humanity learnt a lesson.. We could now create weapons so powerful.. so devastating that we could annihilate ourselves with their use.
70 years have passed since the drop of the first bomb in anger.. in 3 days 70 years will have passed since the drop of the second and last.. let us hope another 7,000 pass before we ever need to do so again.