FSX To OzRunways GPS Connector V1.0.6

FSX To OzRunways GPS Connector V1.0.6

Version 1.0.6 of the FSX to OzRunways Connector.

This version uses Broadcast packet link by default though you have the option of falling back on using IP mode if you find Broadcast is not working.

It also defaults to using the SIM GPS data rather then direct Lat/Lon data.

As always OzRunways is a legal trademark of OzRunways Pty Ltd, used with permission.

FSX – OzRunways Connector

FSX – OzRunways Connector

A simple app that uses Simconnect to communicate with the OzRunways Simulator mode.

Updated to Version 1.0.4


Changelog 1.0.4

Experimental – Broadcast Packet Build, this lets you not have to put an IP address in at all however my router is that annoying it blocks this stuff even from xplane so it needs confirming it works.

Option to select where you are getting data from the Straight Lat/Lon of the Airframe or the GPS data from the simulation.

Updated Icon

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