Airdrop and Target Range Beta

Airdrop and Target Range Beta

This is the Beta for A.T.R use at own risk.

Welcome to Airdrop and Target Range Control (A.T.R)

ATR is a basic program by Robert Graham to allow users to conduct Airdrops and set up static (at the moment) Combat Targets for use with 3rd Party Addon’s that allow the destruction of simobjects (Such as VRS’s Tacpack addon).

ATR is currently DONATIONWARE and in BETA, this means that you may use it for free but if you like it I ask that you click the donate button and offer an amount that you feel the program is worth. The amount is completely up to you.

Now for the Nitty legal part.

Conditions of use/User Agreement

Robert Graham offers no Warrenty for this application it is offered on an AS IS basis and you use the program at your own risk. You may not hold Robert Graham accountable for any problems that arise from using this application, no legal action may be brought against him for any loss of time, money, equipment, data, or anything else. If you do not agree with this term you must stop using the program immediately.

You also agree that you will not attempt to reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise steal the code base for the application, doing so is grounds for legal action against you and all such legal action will come under the laws of Australia and the State of Victoria.

You may not redistribute, charge or anything else for this application with out Robert Graham’s expressed permission.

In return, Robert Graham grants you a license to use this application on as many computers as you personally own for the express purpose of entertainment and educational use with the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D platforms. This license is not exclusive and Robert Graham reserves the right to discontinue development of the program at any time.



INSTALLING Airdrop and Target Range Control

If your reading this you should have it installed! But just incase, run the setup.exe file and follow the prompts.

If you do not have SIMCONNECT installed you will  need to do this, you can find simconnect either on your FSX install discs, or in the redist/ folder of our Prepar3D 2.x install. ATR Requires that you have FSX’s Simconnect Installed.


Setting Up Flight Simulator

Your set up in FSX/P3D is extremely easy! Simply make certain that you have a keybind set for the WATER RUDDER command in Flight Simulator, you will be using this command to tell the application that you want to drop an Item

After you have that done simply open ATR and hit ‘Connect to Sim’ with Flight Simulator open and it will connect to the Sim! Your ready to rock (or is that Drop?)

Making your first Airdrop

  • Alright you’ve got ATR connected to your sim and your ready to make an airdrop? Great! First select an object to drop from the Drop down box here:
  • <Picture to Come>
  • Now set the amount you want to drop here:
  • <picture to come>
  • If you select “Other” you can manually type in the object name that you wish to drop in this box here:
  • <picture to come>
  • Now simply take off and hit your keybind for your water rudder! You should see the drop start happening.
  • You should be aware that the Grenade drops are ‘Small’ so they will be hard to see until they hit the ground.
  • You can check where your drop landed by double clicking on it in the list shown here:
  • <picture to come>
  • The delete options allow you to remove the objects!

Setting up the Target Range

  • Setting up the Target Range is as easy as the Airdrops, first click on the tab for the target range.
  • Now select an item or click other and type one in.
  • You can now double click on the map where you want the item to spawn or type in the lat/long (in decimal!)
  • Set the heading
  • Speed and Waypoints don’t work yet!
  • And tell it to spawn. You now have a fully destructible simobject that you can drop tacpack bombs on or anything else!
  • You can Delete the items by clicking delete
  • You can also check it’s location by double clicking on it


  • It crashes with an exception on opening ! What gives?
  1. Check you have Simconnect installed!