BAE Hawk 127

BAE Hawk 127

BAE HAWK 127 Lightwave Mesh, the mesh is fully rigged and textured designed for Lightwave 2015.




Terms and Conditions of use

By Downloading this model you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use.

1. You may not use this for a COMMERICAL product with out first contacting Robert Graham through for permission. (Not because i’m going to charge you but I like to know where it is in use Commercially)
2. You actively and fully acknowledge that Robert Graham is the owner of the Mesh and that you will not try and claim it as your own.
3. If you create an image that gives credit to any author you will include credit for this mesh as ‘C-17/A by Robert Graham’ or simular form.
4. You will not redistribute with out permission this mesh by any form of media be it Internet, CD, etc etc etc with out permission gained
from 1. The only places that have permission to release this material in such forms is Lightwave 3D Wiki and Newtek should they wish to do so.