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Hey there and welcome to my website, your either here because you know who I am already and are looking for one of the tutorials, sceneries or maybe my latest art post or you’ve no idea who the heck I am and your trying to work out what this place is about!

RobGraham.Info is just that information pertaining to me, Robert “Rob” Graham, some times also known as Starfleet/Starfleetau on various forums and places. So with that said who am I?

My name if you haven’t worked it out is Robert Graham, I’m an Australian with a mixed bag of talents but also struck by a few medical issues that prevent me using them as well as I would like. I should also note I’m an Aviation ‘nut’ my parents were both in the Royal Australian Air Force at some point in their lives and I grew up in the early years of my childhood around the RAAF bases that Dad was stationed at, while not actually able to join myself (health and the like) I have done a lot of research, study etc into flight and its topics, I have a lot of friends in the industry and it is one of my passions (other than my wife of course 😉 )

Since about 1996 I’ve been online in some means and in some form or another I’ve been part of the original scifi 3D art communities, PBEM Star Trek communities and even the modding scene. By trade I have some training as being a teacher, artist and I hold a Diplomia in Digital Media.

A quick overview of what I’ve done is in the dot points below:

  • Tutoring and Training – IT
  • Technical Support for Vic DEET
  • Concept Artist
  • World Builder
  • 3D artist
  • Programmer
  • Developer
  • Aviation Researcher

Some of the actual items that people might know me for include:

  • The Design of the Greyson Blade for David Webbers Honorverse Compendium.
  • Design work for other items still under NDA for David Webbers Honorverse.
  • The original Nexus Battlestar Galactica mod for Nexus Jupiter Incident.
  • Some of the original back code modding for Homeworld 2.
  • Star-Fleet.Org
  • The work that was done back in the early 2000’s by me, Nate and Ben Lidstrom for the P.B.E.M Star Trek community.
  • The Tacpack coding for the IRIS A-10/A
  • Co-developer of the IRIS PC-9A.
  • S.C.I interface for RAAFVirtual.Org
  • Scenary Development for Flight Sim.

My skill set includes:


  • Construction, troubleshooting etc. Eg can scratch build a system.
  • Network Environments.
  • Setting up Apache and SQL servers
  • Basic *NIX operation.
  • 29 Years of Computer operation and use.

3D Skillset

  • 3D CAD and general modelling, rigging, animation, texturing and surfacing skills
  • Large knowledge of Newtek’s Lightwave 3D.
  • Modeling and Texturing in Zbrush
  • CAD work in Autodesk inventor
  • Surfacing and Texturing in 3D coat
  • Surfacing and Texturing in Substance Painter.
  • Basic 3D Studio Max profiency.

2D Skillset

  • Concept Sketching
  • Basic design and layout
  • Advance use of Illustrator, Photoshop and associated products.


Proficent in Both outdoor and indoor photography including studio lighting, framing etc.


  • C#.net profeciency
  • MS FSX and LM P3D XML gauge code.
  • VRS Tacpack Coding
  • LUA
  • DCS Mission scripting.
  • Basic Flash Actionscript.
  • Basic PHP
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Advanced Visual Studio.
  • SQL.
  • Terrain creation in FSX/LM P3D.

3D Printing

  • Moderate – advanced knowledge of 3d printer set up, adjustment and control
  • knowledge of 3d slicing software (Both Cura and Simplify 3D)
  • knowledge of FDM printers.

Video and Steaming

  • Advanced camera knowledge and use
  • knowledge of streaming technologies such as xsplit, etc.
  • University level Production Development.
  • Script writing
  • Acting (physical and voice)
  • Lighting.

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