Public Service Announcement: P3D Gauges and Tools.

More just a PSA seems I’ve gotten a few emails about it re the items I’ve done that the community uses and well easier to do this then continue to replying to individual emails 

P3D Sensor and Camera Gauge:

I know that people are really wanting this to work in P3Dv4, we (being myself and Peter Story) are working through some issues in moving it from 32bit – 64bit, we’d hoped to use some new features in the V4 SDK which would have made our lives easier but for some reason the examples LM give aren’t running correctly for us to build on (and I need to inform them of such), so we have fallen back on updating the method we used for v3, however this has a load of other problems in and of itself as it’s not as easy as just doing a recompile of the 32bit dll to 64bit and both Peter and myself have had some real life stuff going on that messing with things at the moment.
We hope to get you all a new shiny p3dv4 copy ‘soon’ but that’s kinda a Eagle Dynamics/Blizzard Entertainment ‘soon’ with the capital TM after it or a BMS ‘Two Weeks’ 
That being said if you don’t want to use the CAMERA side of the gauge the Radar side is built into P3D and will work.

Airdrop and Target stuff:

The original ATR version of this doesn’t appear to work with P3Dv4 however there is a new version on the website called ATC version 2 it’s beta at the moment mainly due to it having a few small ‘bugs’ and not being 100% how i’d like it to be just yet for Release but it does work with P3Dv4 with the caveat if you close the sim before disconnecting it’ll crash the app due to again a bug in how LM is handling some stuff that I need to report to them at some point.

The New ATC copy includes all the neat features that we built into ATOMS2/SCI for including Sonar Bouy, Smart Ai objects (They will patrol/evade etc) and the like.

Basically everything that is shown here:–IVaP2Pg&t=206s Should work with the caveat that you’ll need to build out your own libraries etc for it (read the documentation).

It’s summer down under and I tend to go through phases with the heat levels of how much i can code, plus again my health’s crappy under the best of times. But hopefully this helps people out.. I’ll post this up on the website as well and Scott not in response to you mate, you kinda made me realise i needed to do this post given i’ve written the answer to 4 different people now