Flickr Active and new Cheat sheet.

So I’ve started using Flickr for most of my images, it’s easier than having to do this multiple times! My flicker is here:  FLICKR

I have also done up a set of ‘cheat sheets’ that kinda try and explain Aperture, Iso and Shutter sorry about my spelling 😉 I suck at it.

Camera Cheat Sheed.
Camera Cheat Sheed.

Cheat Sheet for how Shutter, Iso and Apature work.


Hope every one is having a great new year.



The start of 2017

So with the start of 2017 we of course have some new night sky shots to usher in the new year! These where all taken within 30 minutes of the turn of midnight here.

You will also find that I have updated the photo gallery to be a little more up-2-date. This also has an info option so you can see the basic metadata saved out things like ISO etc. See the photography section for a more in-depth look.

To every one who supported me in 2016.

Thank you.