Arnott’s new shapes flavours suck.

So if your Australian you by now likely have tasted the new Arnott’s Pizza shapes and if your like the majority of us you promptly spat them out and went what the hell is this?

Arnott’s however refuse to admit they messed up, they refuse to go back to the proper original flavour indeed as you’ll see they basically do a ‘stufu’ when it’s brought up and heaven forbid you do it on their social media they don’t like that backlash.

So I’m showing the correspondance I got from them here.. and I’m also calling on all Aussies to vote with their wallets.. DO NOT BUY ARNOTT’S BIKKIES.. until they #giveusbackourpizzashapes

So basically you guys are ‘stufu we don’t care’ and ignore the backlash you have on social media and even from some news places, you ignore the fact people want more then the BBQ and Cheese set.

My point is simply this, if you don’t want to listen to your customer base then This customer will no longer buy your products and I will be suggesting to ALL both on social media, youtube and any other place that I have a voice that people follow suit.


I have a wasted box of Shapes that can’t be eaten because YOU changed the flavour to something that tastes like crap.


If you won’t take responsibility and return the product to what they where as you are being asked by THOUSANDS of Australians than you don’t deserve our money.


Enjoy having this posted on your Social media site like all the other refereances to date and #giveusbackourshapes


-Robert Graham.


From: Arnotts Consumer Contact []
Sent: Friday, 22 July 2016 3:58 PM
To: <removed>
Subject: Reference No: 2016362020


Hi Robert,

Thank you for your email to Arnott’s Biscuits and taking the time to share the valuable feedback.

Arnott’s has been baking biscuits for Australians for more than 150 years. We love receiving feedback from our consumers and take their opinions seriously. For some time, our fans have been telling us they want more flavour from Shapes. To deliver this, our bakers have created a new recipe and baking method that we’ve tested and trialed extensively.

There are no current plans to revive the original flavours. However, we’re continuing to monitor public reaction and will be taking all of this into consideration when making future decisions about the Shapes range.

Dawn Luidmanis
Consumer Contact Centre
24 George Street | North Strathfield | NSW | 2137 | Australia


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