Arnott’s new shapes flavours suck.

So if your Australian you by now likely have tasted the new Arnott’s Pizza shapes and if your like the majority of us you promptly spat them out and went what the hell is this?

Arnott’s however refuse to admit they messed up, they refuse to go back to the proper original flavour indeed as you’ll see they basically do a ‘stufu’ when it’s brought up and heaven forbid you do it on their social media they don’t like that backlash.

So I’m showing the correspondance I got from them here.. and I’m also calling on all Aussies to vote with their wallets.. DO NOT BUY ARNOTT’S BIKKIES.. until they #giveusbackourpizzashapes

So basically you guys are ‘stufu we don’t care’ and ignore the backlash you have on social media and even from some news places, you ignore the fact people want more then the BBQ and Cheese set.

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