Coming Soon – New Scenery

So I’ve finally started doing some new work on scenery and at the moment the current one is YMIA or Mildura Airport, Victoria.

The update like all of my items brings it into line with how it is in reality rather than the mess Flight sim had it in, a sample of what to come is attached.

YMIA - Mildura Airport

I also recently did an update with permission of Sean Harrison’s YBWW or Brisbane West Wellcamp, QLD that adds in the actual airport (it’s a new airport after all!) and puts it in line with current development. I am also likely to start adding in custom objects etc for this scenery simply because it’s a new airport. The current version here can be gotten over on Vatpac’s forums: ¬†Vatpac Forums Link¬†Later I’ll look at addin in some extra items if I get a chance.


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