Majestic Q400 Checklists

So I did up some Q400 MP checklists and Flows in a nice handy A5 format (you know the type you’d put on a knee board) no one seems to have done a set… least not like this.

I’m not saying their right (actually I Point out the fact that if you do better I’d love to hear) but there something.. Both the PDF and Excel versions are there so you can modify to your hearts content.

If you do modify them and make them better I’d love to see and will even host them!.


Oh you can get them over in the Freebies section or by using these links


Q400 Checklists Excel

Excel Version of the Checklists


Majestic Q400 Shared Cockpit Checklists PDF

PDF version of the Checklists for Majestic Softwares Q400.

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