Went to Bendigo and the Centenary of ANZAC exhibition today.. I’m just going to copy what I put up over on Facebook and link the Gallery.

This is all the Raw photo’s taken today, I want to thank mum and dad for taking us.. it was hard at times hearing and reading not to get emotional. At the end while I was walking a women behind me made the comment ‘Was it worth it?’ in relation to the war.. it took all my self control not to spin on her and go ‘No it wasn’t.. No war is ‘Worth it’ but some times it’s the ONLY choice we have’.. What I do think they missed was explaining a few things.. they talk about the men who come home being changed which is good.. but they don’t talk about how the light horse had to destroy their animals..etc.. eg there are some very important things missing.. especially given a lot of those horses where the BEST stock from Australia..

They also don’t explain that a lot of the rural areas suffered more than the cities.. because they lost an entire generation…. in some cases more… but.. over all given it’s a travelling exhibition it was amazing.. The Audio and Visual stuff brilliant.. and the fact that you can move at your own pace.. and experience it makes it even better..

I took over 450 photo’s here.. and I could have easily taken a lot more.. the old War Footage alone.. was yeah.. I do wish we saw a little more about the Flying Corps.. as it was WW1 that gave birth to the RAAF…

To all those who have served.. So long as even one person remembers what you did.. you are NEVER FORGOTTEN.. and we can not afford to forget the lessons you have paid so much to learn..


The Album is here:  Centenary of ANZAC FB Album

Majestic Q400 Checklists

So I did up some Q400 MP checklists and Flows in a nice handy A5 format (you know the type you’d put on a knee board) no one seems to have done a set… least not like this.

I’m not saying their right (actually I Point out the fact that if you do better I’d love to hear) but there something.. Both the PDF and Excel versions are there so you can modify to your hearts content.

If you do modify them and make them better I’d love to see and will even host them!.


Oh you can get them over in the Freebies section or by using these links


Q400 Checklists Excel

Excel Version of the Checklists


Majestic Q400 Shared Cockpit Checklists PDF

PDF version of the Checklists for Majestic Softwares Q400.