OzRunways Connector

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Here you can find and Download the OzRunways Connector application that I made for Prepar3D 3.X and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This application allows you to communicate in Simulation mode with OzRunways Ipad application Oz RWY

Please be aware that this software is supplied as is for the Flight Simulation community to use freely, If you find any bugs please let me know at rob@robgraham.info and I will attempt to get them fixed as I can.

To use the application simply unzip the version you want to use load up your sim and hit connect, it should broadcast and show up in OZRunways. If for some reason your firewall etc does not allow Broadcast packets you can switch to the ‘older’ method of inputting an IP.

The FSX version should work with P3D as well so long as you have the FSX Simconnect installed.

OzRunways and Oz RWY are trademarks and copyright’s of OzRunways Pty Ltd.  and are used with permission.

Please note that the new version 1.0.8 is an installer and will add a short cut to your start menu.

version 1.0.8 (LATEST) 

  • Fixes a bug that caused the connector not to reconnect if the connection was dropped.
  • Adds a setup installer.



version 1.07  (previous)



Version 1.06 (previous)




Common Issues:

  • Q. I get a .net JIT error with can not load microsoft.flightsimulator.simconnect or something simular what gives?
    A. You NEED to make certain you have simconnect installed correctly, if your running FSX your simconnect files should be in your disc, Steam should be in the redis folder where FSX is installed.. as should they be in P3D.. also the zips here have a simconnect.dll with them you need that with the file. If you can’t find the Microsoft one you can dl it here:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/…/simconnectfsx-sp2-xpack… run the msi and it will install.
    P3D Should be running off LM’s Simconnect if it is not please let Rob know Rob@Robgraham.info so he can investigate.

    Q. I can’t seem to get it to link up with OZRUNWAYS
    A. Check your router supports broadcast packeting.
    Check your IPAD is on the correct network.
    Check your firewall isn’t blocking the packets.. (turn it off)
    Failing that you can fall back to the ‘older’ mode and input your IPAD’s IP… though this is not recommended.

    Q. My Android…..
    A. This doens’t support Android as far as I am aware (I dont’ believe Rwy on Android supports the sim-mode/broadcast packets.. use one of the Simconnect – GPS apps to spoof the Androids GPS, just remember to turn if off if you play Pokemon Go!).

    Q. I get a different error..
    A. Check you have .net 2.5 and 4.0 installed, failing that please email rob with the error etc @ Rob@robgraham.info he’ll try and get back to you within 2 – 4 days but due to health it may take longer.