FSX/P3D Applications.

Sensor Gauge Beta

The Sensor Gauge is a Camera and Radar plugin for Prepar3D V3 it is currently extremely beta and is unsupported use at your own risk.


Airdrop and Range Control

Airdrop and Range Control is a small application that allows you to simulate airdrops and set up a target range in FSX or Prepar3D 1 or 2 (just make certian to run the FSX Simconnect Cilent install if you don’t have FSX installed it’s in the 3rd party folder i believe) it is Donationware and use at own risk. 

I don’t offer any major support for it but if you have issues contactme@robgraham.info is how to get a hold of me.

you can dl it here: http://www.robgraham.info/sdm_downloads/airdrop-and-target-range-beta

or by clicking here: 


How to use:


FSX/P3D to OzRunways using SIMCONNECT.

While you can use FSUIPC to communicate with OzRunways something that always bothered me is that it’s using FSUIPC! These apps use the native Simconnect option to allow you to connect to the sim.

Simply download, extract, run, start the sim and hit connect! then go to OzRunways set to Broadcast mode and it should see it!

The P3D Version is built against the 3.X sdk.

Screenshot 2016-02-28 14.27.56

version 1.0.6  (latest)




version 1.0.4

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